Tips On How To Sell Your Water Damaged House

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    To Sell Water Damaged House – Is It The Best Option?

    Some affected residents of Houston are still trying to come to terms with the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. A lot of them have not only been rendered homeless but have their properties damaged. The flood came suddenly and people were not fully prepared. There are Tens of thousands of Water Damaged Houses, here we will help you to decide if you should sell your water damaged house.

    Sell Water Damaged House

    When the flood is gone, some of them will have to make a decision on their home. As it is, they have just three options which are:

    • To sell their water damaged house As-Is
    • To fix it up and put it up for sale
    • To fix it up and continue living in it

    Unfortunately, this kind of disaster does not only come with physical loss. It also brings emotional pain. Even if they fix their water damaged house and still continue to live in it, the emotional pain will linger in their hearts for a pretty long time.

    Should You Fix Your Water Damaged House Before Selling?

    If you decide to put your water damaged house for sale, there are important steps you must take. Often times it is better to fix it up before selling it. However, if you may not be able to afford fixing it you can sell it as is. Unfortunately, it will be bought at a very low price, often near land value.

    Selling an unlivable water damaged house is like selling a car that is not functional. No matter how clean the body of the car is, anybody buying it will assume he is buying scrap. Most times when you put up your water damaged house for sale without fixing it, it will be devalued by an amount that is much more than the repair cost. This is to do with the risk of hidden costs to the buyer.

    Be careful and selective with the homebuyers that make attractive offers like:

    • You don’t have to pay any fee or commission
    • You don’t have to bear any part of the repair cost
    • Your house does not have to be on any listing

    No company or individual does business at a loss. They must have figured out all the offers before coming up with a bid. They will repair it and put it up for sale at an amount that will still be profitable for them. Why don’t you do such? The best option for you is to fix up the house before putting it up for sale.

    How to minimize water damage in house

     To minimize water damage and its resultant loss, there are steps you should take as soon as you can. The most important step is to call your insurance company as soon as you can. Take photos of all the damaged part of your house, inside and outside. This is not something you do in a rush. Otherwise, you will mistakenly leave out some damaged areas. Be as thorough as possible.

    Take away all water-holding items like fabrics, rugs, furniture, bedding, clothing, mattresses and curtains. You should move them outside to dry up gradually. If your electricity is restored, you can place your clothing in a drier but before then, you can place them outside to dry up. Wet clothing is not so much of an issue since that is usual during laundry.

    For your floor, wall and ceiling, you can use a humidifier. You have to keep it running for a long time. It will help them dry faster. If you have a drywall, a humidifier cannot help the situation. You will have to remove all the wet part to avoid mold from spreading to the other parts of the wall.

    You are lucky if you have plaster ceiling because it will be easier to save. Plaster is made of inorganic material where mold cannot grow. But if you are using sheetrock, you need to remove the paper on the back because it can easily attract mold. However, if you can afford it, it is better to replace the ceiling completely.

    Repair other water damaged areas

    Signs of water damage make buyers come up with ridiculously low bids because they will assume the worst. They usually get scared of what they see and what they can’t see. So, you need to erase all signs of water damage as much as possible. The best way is to fix it up.

    It is a very good idea to paint the whole house, inside and outside. You might want to use either beige or white color. These colors make your house look clean and fresh. In fact, white color attracts homebuyers more than other colors.

    Water damage can be extensive but they can be fixed and all traces of water damage can be erased completely.

    Hire a professional house inspector

    A house inspector can detect signs of water damage better than a novice like you. A prospective buyer will likely use the services of an experienced inspector to inspect your house before paying. So, it makes sense that you get your house inspected first. You will work on whatever he discovers. This will ensure that the inspector of your homebuyer does not detect anything funny.

    One good reason you should involve your own inspector is that the prospective homebuyer will blow any sign of water damage out of proportion even if he knows that it is a minor issue. It is a normal gimmick to force you to lower your price further.

    If you don’t have any home insurance and you prefer to sell your water damaged house As-Is, then you have to sell it as fast as possible.

    The damage will continue to get worse as it lingers on. If you have any water damaged house for sale either in Houston Texas or in Jacksonville Florida, you can CLICK HERE Or Call us on 844-594-8888 To Contact our buying specialist . It will be bought at a reasonable price.

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