For Sale By Owner Vs Realtor

Do you go for a private sale or use a realtor?

At a time when you are considering selling your home or investment property, the question arias should you use the For Sale By Owner method or a Realtor?  The reason for using a realtor is partly due to his experience in selling home, access to leading listing sites and assuming that a realtor would have better ability with negotiating deals than someone that has not sold property before.

However, there is a dark side to using a realtor. You will have to part with 5 percent of the whole cost of the property as commission, 2.5 percent as the cost of listing, and a further 2.5 percent as the commission to the buying agent. By the time you are closing the sale, you may have part with between 10 percent and 12 percent of the total cost of the sale.

Moreover, the realtor may not have your interests at hand. He or she may not be motivated to getting the highest possible price for your property but to secure a buyer as soon as possible so that he or she can earn his commissions. This is because even if he makes a sale worth a high price, there will be little increment in the commissions.

For Sale By Owner Save Thousands

The percentage of commission alone is something that may make you consider selling your home privately. If you are not in a hurry to sell the house, you can even wait until you get the highest possible price for the property.

There are several options where you can use the For Sale By Owner method when selling your home or investment property, With us, you are selling directly to a professional, established and well known Real Estate investment company.

For Sale By Owner VS REALTOR charges no commission or marketing fees among other benefits that are stated below. Technology has made it easy for private homeowners to sell their property to private investment company.

Privately selling your home also makes selling hassle free, as you will not be subjected to the inconvenience caused by open homes. Having strangers at home can be really stressing especially if you are still living in the home. Private sale is also good way for selling an Investment property so your tenants would not be interrupted and annoyed by weekly home showings with strangers traveling through their home.

The team at are professional property buyers and can provide you with no obligation offer to purchase your Home or investment property that would enable you make a quick sale and keep all the money.
No commission No Marketing Fees
No Open Homes, Tyre Kickers
Quick Sell – Close In 7 – 90 Days
Certainty Of Price For Your Home Or Investment Property
Seller Rent Back Option
Using Realtors
Up To 10 Percent Commission
Open Homes That Bring Strangers To Your Property
Likelihood Of Not Getting The Sale To Close
The Sale May Take A While
A Set Move Out Date
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