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    6 Benefits of No Commission House Sale in Little Rock AR

    We all love to save money, and a no commission house sale in Little Rock AR can be a great way to do just that. After all, the real estate agent commission is the largest cost that comes out of your pocket at closing. But the beauty of selling your own house goes beyond saving on real estate agent fees.

    We’ve rounded up six advantages that come with a no commission house sale in Little Rock.

    1. Say adieu to real estate agent commission

    Of course, saving money is at the top of the pile when ranking the benefits of no commission house sale in Little Rock AR. Did you know that the agent’s fees account for the biggest chunk of closing costs?

    That’s right. The realtor fee traditionally makes up around 6 percent of the closing price. So, if you decide to use the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) approach, you can pocket the entire six percent that would otherwise go to the agent. If the house is sold for $200,000, for example, that’s roughly $12,000!

    You can use this money to defray some of the moving costs, pay off debt, or make a down payment on your new home. Even better, you can take the much-needed vacation with the money. The possibilities are endless.

    1. Enjoy more flexibility

    Not all house sellers are sailing on the same boat. Your neighbor may be selling for retirement, while you’re facing foreclosure, piling debt, or divorce. Your reasons are different, and so should be the selling process.

    A no commission house sale in Little Rock allows you to tailor the selling process to suit your specific situation. After all, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it. Hiring a real estate agent means that you have to follow their schedule and stick to their marketing strategy.

    Take the closing date, for instance. When you sell through a realtor, you will have little control over when the sale will be closed. This can be a real issue if you want to sell quickly and move on.

    It’s an awkward position when you have no say on the closing date. With a no commission house sale Little Rock, the decision rests squarely on your lap. In other words, the buyer will have to abide by your schedule and terms of sale. Need to close the sale in one week? No problem. Willing to close several months down the line? Everything happens at your pace and on your terms.

    1. You can sell your house in its current condition (as-is)

    You would be shocked by some of the upgrades houses require to be sell-worthy. Most realtors may ask you to make even the smallest, most trivial fixes before listing your house. Agents know that houses in impeccable conditions sell like hotcakes, and they want you to make their job effortless.

    Guess what? Realtors know what they are doing. If you want to sell your home fast, you will need to make small repairs and fixes. Then we come to the major repairs: drainage issues, a leaky roof, foundation damage, and aging plumbing. The agent will absolutely request that you get them repaired before putting your house on the market.

    With a no commission house sale Little Rock AR, you’re totally in charge. That means you can sell your house as-is, especially to cash buyers. This way, you don’t have to worry about major repairs, renovations, and upgrades. The buyer will buy the house the way it is.

    1. Keep more from your house sale

    Without having to pay the real estate agent commission, you will be able to bank more money at the closing. Moreover, you may not have to pay the buyer’s agent, appraisal fee, and other contingencies when you opt for no commission house sale in Little Rock.

    As if that isn’t impressive enough, this selling method puts you right at the heart of the action: negotiation. Instead of letting the agent do all the talking, you can negotiate the price, as well as the closing costs and terms. Because of this, you can end up saving not only oodles of money but also time.

    1. You can tailor your marketing

    Although the real estate agent’s experience can come in handy when marketing the house, they usually use run-of-the-mill strategies. The no-commission house sale in Little Rock lets you customize your marketing to fit your specific house. After all, no two houses are created equal.

    For instance, instead of talking about “2 1/2 marble baths” and “spacious granite countertop,” you can focus on what might truly matter to the buyer. You could mention that you have souped up the basement into the ultimate man cave, or that the eastside windows offer spectacular sunset views. No one knows your house better than you, after all.

    You can tab your offline and online social network to drum up buzz for your house sale. That’s not something you’d always get from a realtor. Besides, you can also get your house on as many MLS portals as possible, rather than relying on one agency’s listing.

    1. No intermediaries

    Removing the agent from the equation is attractive if you want to work with the buyer directly. You don’t have to deal with the endless back-and-forth of having a middleman. You’re your own agent and you can set the tone and pace of the sale. More importantly, your thoughts, needs, and terms count.

    Want to ditch the real estate agent and sell your house on your own? You can easily make a no commission house sale in Little Rock AR today at Want to sell your house as-is or for cash? No proble

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