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  • By admin 1st Aug, 2020

    How to Tell Tire Kickers from Real Fast House Buyers in Little Rock Arkansas

    You’ve spent months, if not years trying to find the right buyer for your property. Perhaps you’ve organized many rounds of showings/house opens and marketed your house using pretty much every creative tactic on the book, from social media to email. If you have prospective house buyers who keep dawdling or putting off the purchase decision, you may be dealing with the so-called tire kickers. Fast House Buyers Little Rock Arkansas are NOT tire kickers.

    In this blog post, we’ll show you 3 telltale signs of a tire kicker so you can differentiate them from genuine fast house buyers Little Rock Arkansas.

    First up – what’s a tire kicker?

    The phrase ‘tire kicker’ owes its origins to the heydays of car yard sales. It’s a fake buyer, someone who seems interested in buying a house, vehicle, or whatever you’re selling, but doesn’t actually make the purchase. Tire kickers keep your hopes of making a sale high as they bargain, ask several questions, and raise flimsy concerns.

    The issue: a tire kicker is a huge time-waster who’s only doing “window shopping.” They are the lasting thing you need to confront when looking for fast house buyers Little Rock Arkansas. Let’s find out how to tell them apart.

    – They’re time wasters

    That’s the basic trait of all tire kickers. They are out to waste your time with all the excuses in this world. Whenever you invite them to an open house, they tend to stray away from the issue at hand. Whereas it’s important to provide a tailored and personal selling experience to every house buyer interested in your property, you don’t want to entertain off-topic questions.

    – They’re not ready to talk numbers

    You can’t negotiate with a buyer who simply doesn’t have the budget for the property you are selling. If it’s someone who will have to take out a home loan, they should have talked with their lender before approaching you.

    Typically, tire kickers don’t want to talk hard numbers. What can you afford? What’s your price range? If they don’t put a number (read: real offer) on the table, you’d be better of dealing with someone else.

    – They don’t fit your target buyer persona

    When you’re looking for fast house buyers Little Rock Arkansas, you want to sell your property fast. If the buyer’s need for the house isn’t urgent, you’re probably not a good fit. A non-urgent buyer will likely drag their feet.

    Say goodbye to tire kickers – Sell fast to! Fast House Buyers, Little Rock Arkansas

    If you’re tired of tire kickers, We Buy Property USA is here for you. Selling your house to is fast, easy, and hassle-free. We are fast house buyers Little Rock Arkansas, and pay cash for your property so you don’t have to deal with realtors, foreclosure, and other closing challenges.

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