COVID-19 Coronavirus Vs House Buyers Little Rock Arkansas

  • By admin 2nd Apr, 2020

    How to Sell a House during COVID-19 Coronavirus in Arkansas Real Estate Markets

    The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has put undue pressure on nearly every industry, and the real estate market in Little Rock, Arkansas hasn’t been spared. It has made an already stressful task of selling or buying a house much more worrying.

    As far as the housing market goes, we are technically in a recession, adding insult to the injury.  With more than 625 (and counting) cases at the time of writing, the virus epidemic is already causing massive problems for homebuyers in Arkansas.

    Selling a house in a recession? COVID-19 Coronavirus may bring a depression!

    We know it feels like rocket science in the face of the outbreak. But, lucky for you, we have rounded up tips, hacks, and expert advice you should heed to when selling a house during the COVID-19 outbreak in Sherwood Arkansas, Central AZ, Little Rock, Arkansas, and other neighborhoods in the vicinity.

    1- Hold virtual or video tours

    Most buyers are confused, while the vast majority are putting their ambitions to buy a house on hold, at least for now or until the COVID-19 cloud passes. They are wondering if they’ll be allowed to view the house.

    While some house opens and showings are still being held in Sherwood, Little Rock, and Central Arkansas they aren’t in line with the call for social distancing. The last thing you want is to let in a stranger into your house, and end up getting infected with COVID-19.

    Instead of holding showings, your next best shot is to do video viewings and virtual tours. You should also be able to talk on the phone with interested house buyers. Physical viewings should be done under very strict conditions: maintain permitted distance, wear masks, and wash hands frequently … the whole shebang!

    2- Become online-savvy

    Let’s face it; the web has created many opportunities for marketing and selling a house in recession. Use social media, MLS listings, email marketing, create a website, and be active in real estate forums – these online avenues can come in handy when selling a house during the COVID-19 Coronavirus period, especially in Little Rock, Arkansas.

    3- Price your house to sell

    Price is the #1 consideration for home buyers right now. If you’re going to price it high, you’re helping competitors sell their properties. It may be a tough pill to swallow, but that’s the bare truth in a recession.

    Scour online MLS listings. Check how much similar houses for sale in Sherwood Arkansas are selling for. By checking sold prices in your Central AR neighborhood, you can price your house slightly lower than competitors.

    It might seem counterintuitive, but underpricing your property too much can also have a negative effect. While you might think offers will start rolling in, potential buyers will assume that there’s something so wrong with your house that you had to put it at the bottom of the pile.

    4- Go solo

    Selling a house in a recession is in and of itself not an easy walk in the park. Involving many real estate agents can be a huge put-off for most buyers. And competing realtors are likely not to give you the focus that you need when selling a house during the COVID-19 outbreak in Little Rock Arkansas.

    That’s why you need to go solo. Ditch the agents, and do the selling yourself. After all, this unfortunate situation has put a lot of time and resources into your hands. This way, you can sell to cash home buyers, private investors, and whoever else is willing to match your asking price.

    5- Try sweetening the deal

    When selling a house in recession, you will need to be flexible and willing to negotiate. Don’t ignore any serious offer, particularly if it’s a clean, no-fuss deal. The house price is always negotiable, so don’t act as if it’s set in stone.

    6- Sell to a cash buyer

    In a tricky situation like the COVID-19 pandemic, it pays to limit physical contact and interaction with buyers. You don’t want to be holding house opens, viewings or showings every other day.

    Selling a house in recession to cash home buyers is a no-brainer. The process is stress-free, and with a cash buyer like We Buy Property USA, you can expect a cash offer in no time!

    Let We Buy Property USA Take the Hassle out of House Selling during COVID-19 Coronavirus 

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